Ridiculously March

Ridiculously March

Can your days get any worst? I know mine could. March 2017 is the worst month I had so far. I hate to complain but it's true.

I caught a cold at the beginning of the first week. Can't stop sneezing and coughing. I had a sore throat for two weeks. I even get a headache and my body felt weak. I had to cancel one of my class and I hate doing that.

The rest of the week, I was busy with tutoring and helping my fellow student catch up with their studies before the up coming exam. I spent my whole weekend preparing notes and revision paper for them.

On my weekdays, every morning till noon I was busy with work as a clerk. There were so many tasks which were given to me the very last minute that I need to complete, pronto. It needed to be done first thing in the morning. There were typing, photocopying, filing, writing and preparing reports. It was hectic. I almost forgot how to breathe. And at night, I have to tutor my students.

But what I hate the most is breaking the chain to my 30 days writing challange. I did write something in the middle of the month. The third question for my writing challange which was "#3 the most important band/musician to me." I wrote a complete 500 plus words blog post and guess what happen? It disappear! Poof! Gone into the thin air. It wasn't there. I saved it but somehow this happen.

It didn't stop there. I tried to write it again the next day and it happen again. Several time and poof! Avada cadabra! Died! *the witch who realm in my tablet gave her evil laugh. For your information, I am writing my blog in my samsung tablet and not my laptop which is one of the reason why this occur, probably. Basically it was more to my own fault.

Note to self: save the draft in a much more secure and reliable app or document as a backup.

I was mad, I felt hopeless and I spent a lot of time sulking in my room after work. Having these thoughts in my head, "I'm horrible at this" "I should give up" "You can't even write well" "I'm not a writer, I should stop pretending," and "You're fake".

And of course, my old friend came to visit. "Little Miss Anxiety". If you happened to have a friend with a name almost as similar as hers, my advice, don't ever let it get to you. Try your best to ignore it and pick yourself back up.

So here's my whole month wrap up. My ridiculous March have been pretty much ridiculous.

Back to my positive self and move on.

Hope the rest of you didn't have such ridiculous month but if you do, I would love to hear it. Leave a comment and let me know.


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