Let it go

Let It go: Free yourself for a while

Hey there!

I'm back. It's been a while and feels good to be back. 

I was taking some time off for myself and trying to get some fresh start with my writing. I got stuck; again. It's getting tired to be in this kind of situation all over again.

It is a huge struggle between your mind and heart. It wasn't the motivation at stake, it's the discipline to actually do something. To get yourself on the move and actually produce something.

Since I was in this kind of ugly situation, I decided to look for a solution.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are about to create a new masterpiece. A new idea for your next book, novel series or blog post but then you got stuck. You were staring at the blank white blinding screen and unable to do something about it. That was me a few weeks ago. 

I came up with a good title for my next post but as I about to write something, I went completely blank. I was like, ''Where the hell did my ideas gone to?'' 

My head in the palm of my hands and sighing at the thought that I lose my inspiration to continue my work. It was an agonizing 15 minutes of my life with just sitting there and haven't written anything.

Then it made me think.

Why am I torturing myself by pushing myself to do something I, at the time, don't feel like doing. My teacher back in high school used to tell me a long time ago. She said, ''You can't do something right if you don't put your heart to it. It's like a cook who doesn't love his own cooking. There's no point.''

In that case, I choose to do something I thought I won't have the courage to do. 

1) Start all over again
LET GO and start all over again. Maybe you should let go of that piece you were working on at the time and make a new one. If you were writing about a blog post, then change that into something else, like a book review or short stories.

2)Take a break
LET GO and take a break. Go and watch movies with your friend or just do it yourself on Netflix. Go for a walk and find some new inspiration to do what you do. Use your senses by looking and listening to the things around you. Pay attention and observed. Maybe by doing this, you'll find a new inspiration to create something new.

3) Read
LET GO and read. Whenever I feel uninspired, I'll search for books that will get me back on track. Books written by my favourite authors. See how they begin a sentence, their plot in the novel and how it end. Read as much as you can. Nothing bad comes from looking for new insights through each pages of a book. 

Stop venting over some same old thing. If you feel stuck, it's important to not stay that way. Time is golden, don't let it go to waste. Choose to make a new move and let it go.


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