A letter to a writer

A Letter To A Writer

Dear writer,

I know this is random but I thought you might want to know this. On the behalf of every readers out there, I wanted you to know something that we never get to tell you while we have the chance. 

So, here goes.

Thank you!

We want to thank you so much for being who you are. You have no idea how glad we are to know there are such people like you in the world. Those stories you wrote are incredible and will always have a special place in our heart. 

It comes with the lovely tea and coffee we drink with your book in hand while sitting by the window seat, lying on the bed, on the couche or near the fireplace. We have absolute no regret for spending the late night just to finish it. You introduced us to all of these amazing characters we just hope to exist and meet in person. Wondering what it would be like to know them in real life.

You've created a sweet escape from the real world when it seems dull and cruel. It was because of you, we get to go to an unimaginable places we could only be in our mind. Your words warm up the coldest day or night when the rain keep pouring outside.

Every morning before we begin our day, we were looking for you. Searching for another piece you wrote and published online the day or night before. We were so excited with what you  are about to share with us next. Little did we know, you gave us something we will never be able to get over with. 

It was the idea you talk so passionately about. The motivation you give to strive forward in life. Those tips which we never thought of. Your perspective in an argument which to you are always important. Tons of advice we never thought we needed. You are that friend we look forward to meet everyday. 

Although it must have been difficult for you to do what you do. All those time you have spent in everyday of your life trying to put words on paper (or computer screen). You probably have to sacrifice some of your time just to write. You would always making sure you've got everything written down and someone out there will love what you wrote. 

I need to tell you, even if there are someone who hated it, you must not quit. Maybe the story wasn't good enough for them or it was not their cup of tea but that's okay. You are writing not to please anybody (not even us), you write because you love to write.

When you love what you do, maybe it isn't much, but it is enough. You know who you are more than we do. You are a writer. You won't go this far if you aren't one. 

You with your own fascinating literary voice keeps us company wherever we go. Either it was in the train, bus or taxi going back home; or  that moment of privacy at the coffee shops and libraries.

It was that moment when we could actually relate to what you wrote which makes it hard to ignore how good you are. You shares stories that we can understand and the reason why we choose to read your work of art from the beginning.

We respect your courage for finally able to fight your fear when you publish your written words for the world to read. You picked yourself back up and defeat the writing blocks too. You inspire us in so many ways. We hope you know how amazing you are.

Finally, sorry for all the cliche'. I do hope you get to read this somehow just to remind you that there are people like us who care about what you wrote so you should never give up on yourself. 

There are still many things I would like to say but couldn't put into words. Just this one more thing, remember why you do what you do because from there you'll know exactly how to do it.  You are a WRITER.

Till next time. Have a great day and best of luck with your writing.

With regards and love,

Your fellow reader.


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