Humor: Why you need them?

Today, I would like to share with you one of the most ridiculous story ever been told.

A few weeks ago, I was called to come in for an interview. It was the job I applied for a few months before. I received an e-mail with the detail of the things that I need to prepare for. The address of the location, documents that I needed to prepare and dress codes.

I have to tell you one important detail about this interview. In order to apply for work with the government, you need to dress accordingly. In Southeast Asia, our universal hair colour is black. 

So it was necessary for us to have our natural hair colour when we attend the interview. It was part of the protocol.

My hair was light-brown at that time. I colour it during the festive season. Get the hint? 

I need to colour it back to black if I want to get the job. It was the hardest thing to do at the time. Thoughts like, ''It's not like you are going to get the job right away'' and ''We know this is important and necessary. It's the sacrifice you have to make'' then ''Wow! you spent $350 for this hair remember? now you're going to dyed it back to black?''

You can tell how I struggle with my mind at the time but I shove it to the side and bought hair coloring to dye my hair the next day. When I did, I got home and ask my mother to do it for me.

In case you were wondering, yes, she knows how to do it. She help me dyed my hair before too. (Not the one that cost $350 but before that) So I trusted her. Nothing could go wrong. Or so I thought.

Apparently the hair colouring isn't enough to cover the entire hair on my head. I have a long hair that grew all the way down to my waist. She knew but she didn't say anything before she applied it to my hair.

She already went through half of my hair when she said, ''See, it's not enough to cover your whole head.'' I was shock and almost yell at her while she was half laughing because she thought it was funny.

''Why didn't you tell me before you put them on? We could wait till I buy another one,'' I said.

Then, she said she has some spare hair colouring that she bought but didn't get to use it. She dyed her hair too, to get rid of the gray hair that kept growing. She said it bother her.

When we were done, I waited a few minutes before I washed my hair. Then I notice something funny. I examine it and notice something weird with the colour. I walk up to my mother and ask if she notice something funny with my hair. She told me to come closer to see the result of her ''grand masterpiece'' and she had this huge grin on her face.

 She was about to burst out laughing. 

''I've told you the hair dye wasn't enough to cover you whole hair,'' she said. I stare at her, unsure of what she was about to tell me next. 

''So I thought I still have the black hair dye in my drawer. Instead, I found the dark blue. I had no choice,'' then she laughed. (Yup! it's blue. I don't even know why she had them)

I was horrified. ''Mom! I had an interview in three days. This is not funny.''

Believe it or not, I went to the interview with half blue hair and half black. Even if the colour is dark blue and it didn't seem obvious but it shows under daylight. 

Thankfully I am skilled enough to cover it up by tying my hair into a bun, touch it up with a lot of hair spray and manage to hide most of the blue coloured part of my hair. I also sat far enough from the interviewer to notice them.

It might not seem like a big deal but first impression is important once you attend an interview. I don't think you should show up with a blue hair (at least not weirdly half of it).

I could went to a beauty saloon to fix it but I'm not inclined to do so at the moment (Or buy another hair dye). I needed every dollar I had to travel all the way to the interview destination. I lived in a small town and the interview location was in the big city.

Then I realized something. Even at the time I was battling with my anxiety about how the interview will go. Between the sweaty palms, rushing thoughts and heart palpitation I was able to smile. I even chuckled a little at the thoughts of my funny hair in the midst of the important occasion. The occasion that could change the huge part of my future.

Somehow, it made me feel relax and I am able to wipe out my nervousness. The interview went well. I answered every question confidently and the only thing left is the result; the exception letter or e-mail which will inform me if I get the job. 

Till then, I am waiting. Thanks to my mother, being horrible at the interview became less of my worries.

So you see, we do need humour in our life. Wether it was intentionally or not, when it is there don't forget to laugh along. To join in and enjoy that moment. 

We can't be too serious about life. Trust me. Life never have been serious with us either. You know why? 

At the time you are planning your life, you thought life will be fine as you thought it would be because you already plan it. Our life isn't made out of blueprint. You just go with the flow and see where it gets you. As long as you don't mess it up and hurt yourself.

I tell you my friend, if life ever been that seriously arrange and perfectly craft you won't be in total misery when things go wrong.

The ones who live will die. The ones who are healthy will fall ill. The rich become poor.

When life seems perfect, don't ever forget there are something lurking in the corner waiting to hit you hard to make sure you'll fall down. It sure will crush your spirit and feeding on your will to live. 

Have some sense of humor. Stop taking things too seriously and look around you. Count them as your blessings in life for having something to ponder upon when things are incredibly tough.


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