It was just another day another work piling up my desk. I have been busy with my clergy job recently. Typing, printing, clipping and folding away papers. Preparing a bunch of important documents which to be submitted at the end of the month. 

The routine continues for the past few days so I was behind schedule with my blog post.

There are times where I feel like I just want to gave it all up. I'll just put down my weapon and surrender. I gave up on the thought maybe I could actually make a difference and change how I see things in this world. 

Which is the thought of every possibility there are still hope to dream of the good things beneath the bad things.

Just so I thought I might lose my faith in myself and stop trying to achieve this possibility, I was shook by something I learn later.

I tutored for science class one night. As soon as the class was over, my student left and I was on my way to my car. The manager who in charge of taking care of the tutoring centre called me. He said he needed to talk to me about my next class.

Then he noticed I looked pale and not being my usual self. I have always been someone who was full of spirit and excited when it comes to teaching.

I love to teach. It is something that I always look forward to do since I was little. I wanted to teach younger generation about the things I wanted them to know. I am always the enthusiast  but that night I was a little gloomy.

The manager asked me what happen and I can't help but telling him a few of my problems. Told him I had anxiety and barely had a good sleep for a couple of days. I was thinking about a lot of things and it was mostly about my future. I told him maybe I was a little afraid and some part of me just want to give up.

He was a very good listener and he said he understands my situation.

He gave me some advice and ask me to think of it. ''Because it is a matter of YOUR future and no one else. You are the one who's going to live it and you are still too young to hold yourself back when you could actually achieve something more. Be adventurous.''

Then he went silent for a few moment.

''Let me tell you this one thing which is certain. Regardless of what religion or wherever we put our faith into, know this one thing. To me, we should always BELIEVE. Not just in ourself but also in things around us. All of the good things will eventually come to you if you never stop believing.''

That hit me. He is right.

When was the last time you give yourself some credit of trying your hardest? It wasn't a lot to be done, all you have to do is believe in yourself.

As a story teller, you believe in the massage you are trying to portray. If you believe them, your audience believe them too.

As a student, you believe in your potential to success. If you believe them, then you will indeed achieve greatness.

As a dreamer, you should believe in your dream to be who you want to be. A singer, a movie star, a successful entrepreneur or a millionaire. If you believe it, then you will become one.

Believe has a power to give you strength to push yourself forward and gave your struggle in life a meaning. Something to fight for and what it is like to be yourself. If you ever gone through what I had gone through, all you have to do is believe.

Let it go from there and start to do your best. You'll be surprise.


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