Little Miss Something

  Little Miss Something: Where did the child go?

I realized how amazing it was to be a little child.

For the past couple of months while I'm taking some time off writing just to concentrate entirely on my tutoring. I've been dealing with kids from the age of six till fifteen and to be honest, I'm exhausted.

Now that it is close to the holiday season, I wanted to pick up where I left off. 

The time when I was tutoring, I can't help but thinking to myself. When I was at their age, I used to be so ambitious. As if everything is possible and dreamland was just one call away. I even believe that I can fly like superman but of course that would be impossible even to this day. 

Although, you can't say something like ''Humans can't fly'' or ''There is no such thing as superpower''  to a little child; you'll break their heart.

So I have my parents to thank for that. To let my imagination running wild and keep dreaming. To believe everything is possible and to trust yourself that you, one day, will change the world.

Now? What happen?

Even the simplest task became the hardest yet to accomplish. Getting out of bed is like lifting a ton of rock. Going through the day is like a routine repeated over and over again. It was no longer a matter of living but instead the idea of survival. 

Eight working hours or maybe more. Sleeping is not the easiest thing to do these days either because your brain-noise is interfering with your cognitive capability to rest. The next day, these habits start all over again until you realized it is the end of the year. You choose to survive instead of living the life you have.

Why didn't it work out the way you plan?

I guess I have a lot to learn but not from experience alone but also through childhood days. With that, I listed the the things I learned from my childhood days which I should still be doing today.

#1: Giving up is not an option
It's not an option, it's a choice. You should choose not to give up. Remember the first time you rode a bike? When you were little, you used to ride that tricycle your parents bought you. Then, as you grew bigger they gave you a bicycle. Riding a bicycle for the first time is hard. You'd fall and scratch your knee. You cried as it start bleeding but that didn't stop you, did it?


You get back on your feet and try again. Fell and try again until you get it right. The next thing you knew, you finally ride a bike. It was pure joy when you actually feel the victory for accomplishing something, which was riding the bicycle for the first time without falling. You are that same child who never understood the word quit so don't change that.

#2: Imagination and creativity is infinite
Once a child started to see, they'll be dreaming with their eyes open. They re-imagine objects around them to move and make funny faces that could make them laugh. Building a rocket-ship using cardboard boxes or folding papers to make a paper crane. 

With imagination their creativity goes to the infinity and beyond. All the challenges goes to the side because somehow they won't take no for and answer. 

#3: Never afraid to be yourself
You embrace your own awesomeness. Not everyone will except each others differences. Yet, what exactly is our differences? We all have our own way to express ourselves out into the world. Showing them what we can do. 

There was one time I went to a talent show at a school in town. A group of boys and girls performing their dance routine. It was awesome but the one that make me feel amaze was this one chubby little boy. 

He stands out more than the rest of his friends. His pretty wide smile and sparkling pair of eyes makes me believe something.

Why should you be insecure about your look when you can give more with your talent? He reminds me about not being afraid to be himself. All that he care was to enjoy the moment being there on stage with his friends and entertain the crowd. He loves what he do so that's what matter most.

#4: Selfless to the core
I've read an article once, about a journalist who traveled to a country where it's people were facing difficulties. It was one of the article where you'll hear about the water shortage and world hunger. Something caught my attention. The journalist shared a story about his journey there.

One day, there were a big truck loaded with clothes, medicine and food. The journalist told a story about this one child who was given two lollipops by one of the workers who was in charge for passing down food and supplies. The child notice the journalist was looking at him so he walked towards him and gave his other lollipop to this man. 

The journalist said, regardless of his surrounding and the fact that he might not get another lollipop as much as he had, that child didn't mind. Sharing was more important. Through that little child's eye, he sees hope because more than him, that child knows what it's like to have nothing.

I guess we can learn that as a kid before too, knowing how important it is to be selfless and caring. To know it should be better to share with others and together, you enjoyed what you had regardless of what you were going through and never forget about others.

#5: Loving and compassionate
I rescued a lot of kittens when I was little. Until it made me end up raising 13 cats. It was one of the funniest experience in my life. (Thankfully there were a few people, like my neighbours and friends who'd love to adopt some of them) I guess I just couldn't stand seeing them being left out on the streets with no shelter, starving and faced every cold night. I begged my mother to keep them until we find the ones who wanted to adopt those cats.

Being a child also reminds me how easy it was to make friends. With no rules or exception. It was some sort of a commitment you make in the name of friendship. At times like that, you knew the meaning of loyalty and trust. There were no limit to your level of kindness and always been there as a team. It was the brothers and sisterhood journey.

That was what it's like to be a child.

We might have been living longer on this earth than they are but we sometimes forget what it used to be. There are things we should learn as we grow older which is to remember all the little things.

Those things made us who we are today. If you ever felt like your old self drifting apart, all you have to remember is the child you were before. You are the one who could give yourself motivation to go on in life; in future.

And like you, I need to remember who I was. The little miss something.  


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