The 40+ Reasons Why I Write

40+ Reasons Why I Write

First of all, I would like to thank Bryan for the opportunity to be part of this writing challenge (The 40 reasons ''Why Do You Write?'' challenge). I enjoyed reading all of his blog post in Positive Writer. They inspired me to get back into writing and now, here I am, starting this blog and decided to write again. It's a blessing and I am eternally greatful.

Which leads to reason...

1) I write because I feel motivated to write.

To be honest, I doubt that I could come up with forty reasons but I was wrong. That's the thing about writing. It's Magical! Once you start to write, you won't be able to stop. You are completely trapped inside your own world. It's madness!! Which leads to reason...

2) I write because I want to escape into my own wonderland.

I could relate to Alice a lot (Alice in Wonderland). I couldn't help but being curious about a lot of things and being curious sometimes could lead into a whole lot of trouble but, I write them anyway...

3) I write to create a solid form of my curiosity


4) I write because I am one of those people who actually bother to write.

5) I write because talking to myself a lot is insane (sort of).

Not that I talked to myself a lot though, I just happen to voice out my thoughts out loud. Weird...I know. And that leads to reason

6) I write because I think I'm weird.

7) I write because I'm passionate about what I believed in.

8) I write to improve my English.

If you happen to follow up with my last post, THE BORNEO GIRL (If you haven't, feel free to check it out), you might already know that I am from South East Asia. English is our second most important language to learn so...I am still trying to improve my English (what do you think so far? Is it good?).

9) I write to represent my generation.

Unfortunately, not a lot of today's generation is actually interested in writing. At least not in my hometown. They (mostly haters) think it is a waste of time and you have to be VERY GOOD at writing but me, I refuse to think so. (What do THEY know about being ''very good at writing" anyway, pff *rolling my eyes)

10) I write because I've been inspired and wants to inspire others in return. I want them to believe it is OKAY to go after their PASSION.

11) I write because it is the only thing that I SERIOUSLY REFUSE to gave up on.

12) I write to get over my anxiety.

13) I write when I'm depressed.

14) I write in order to be understood.

15) I write so that my heart could actually speak in literary form.

16) I write to find motive in things of which I don't understand.

17) I write because writing is in my blood. I bleed inks! (Metaphorically speaking)

18) I write when I feel alone.

19) I write at times I need some sense of clarity.

20) I write to explain myself when others doesn't seem to understand me.

21) I write for the sake of humour...and sometimes sarcasm. In hope that I've made my audience smile.

22) I write when I'm brainstorming.

23) I WRITE TO READ, AND READ TO WRITE. I hope that makes sense...Nod if it does.

Wait? Did you just nod your head. If you did, that means you're actually following this, right? Cool. Let's move on to

24) I write because I'm different.

One of the specialities to be a writer is being like no other. Being one of a kind. Like this quote I used to read once said, ''There are no writers alike.'' And I believe this is true.

25) I write because it is something somebody won't tell me to do.

26) I write when I feel insecure.

27) I write because I am an optimist.

28) I write because it is freedom in a form of written letters.

29) I write because I have a lot of story to tell.

30) I write because my dad used to say, it's a gift and I should cherish it.

31) I write what I learned.

32) I write life lessons for future reference.

33) I write to entertain my readers (hopefully because I'm counting on it).

34) I write because I don't give a damn about people who told me I can't write.

35) I write because I refuse to be part of the mediocre society.

36) I write because I claim the ''writer'' title.

37) I write to make my momma proud, my brother smiles and my sister laughs.

38) I write to amuse my friends.

They are my fans and always there to support me during my journey. I can always count on them.

39) I write for that cup of milk tea in the morning.

40)  I write to escape from my horrid life.

Hold up...there's three extra reason.

41) I write because it's an addiction.

42) I write because a pen and a notebook are a loyal companion. They will NEVER betray you.

And last but not least, most important reason why I write...

43) I write because writing is my first love.

I fell in love once I was introduce to writing. I used to write a lot when I was little and kids my age used to think I'm strange. There was a time I used to pretend that I am a jounalist when I was twelve. I wrote stories and news about things I saw or heard, mostly about my classmates (Yup...guilty as charged). I wrote them in my little pink notebook and it has doodles at the front cover.

At the end of the day, once I finish writing my story, my classmates borrowed my notebook to read it. Sometimes I lost track of my notebook because they kept passing it around to one another. It was fun though. To see the look on their face when they read them. They laughed, annoyed, amused, curious, furious and that made me happy somehow. I have that joyful and warm feeling inside of me where my heart beats from all of the excitement.

Writing is my FIRST LOVE  and because of that, I'm still in love with it.


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