Officially Breaking Some Blocks

Officially Breaking Some Block

I guess there is no excuse to why I haven't written anything for the past couple of months for this blog of mine. Dealing with writers block is pretty tough lately. At the moment you were feeling super confident and the next thing you just don't. That overwhelming kind of thoughts you had at the back of you head screaming at you, saying that you are pathetic. 

I know I shouldn't let it get to the very best of me but...well, I was defeated. I kept staring at the blank screen and not knowing what to do next. I hate it when that happen. I felt so guilty for leaving my writing routine behind but at the same time, I just couldn't shake the thoughts of how I am faking it for being  a writer.

"You're not a writer, you're a fraud. Stop thinking that you are one of them. You are not. Your writing suck!"

There she goes again. See what she did there. Then, I realized the biggest enemy I had who actually stopping me from doing what I want was myself. It's time to stop it! Stop her. Don't let her get to me ever again and just write.
Don't write just to please people. That never work. Look where it get you. Write for yourself if that's what makes you happy. 

And hey! I know I'm not alone. So, guys...where ever you are and if you happen to read this. Please...don't stop writing if this is what you wanted to do. 


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