The Fish Bowl Challenge

Oh hey!

Since writer's block is still on it's way to disappear into the blackness of the black hole, I decided to come up with another plan. I haven't figure out on how to do a writing routine yet but when I do, I promised to share it with you.

If you are like me, struggling to brainstorm ideas for your next piece then you've come to the right place.

As you can see, I am super duper new to this blogging thing and I gave you the permission to decide whether it's pathetic and not a real deal but like every one of you out there, I just love to write. It is the one thing I haven't gave up in my whole life (so far and I turned 22 next month). And if you are like me and can relate to this, you are not alone.

Here's how I got the Idea for the FISH BOWL CHALLENGE.

I was sitting at my writing desk not knowing what to do next or how to start to fill in the blank screen I've been staring at for almost twenty minutes. Doing my best not to beat myself up, so I drag myself out of my room. I walked into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee before I get back into my room again. I place my coffee mug on the table next to the draft paper of my next blog post guideline. There were also my notebook, journal, my tablet which I place on the bluetooth keyboard and my phone.

I stare back at the screen and still...nothing.

''Maybe I just need some music to lift up the mood,'' I told myself.

So I took out my dad's compact disc player and put it on the table. Guess what? My clumsy- mumsie hands accidentally knock down my coffee mug and it spill on the draft paper. After a moment of cursing and cleaning up time, I realized how a single incident like that help me to clean my desk and for the first time, it look more tidy and arrange in place. Yay!

That's when the idea came in. It pops into my head and I rush to find IT. My old fish bowl that I put in the cupboard. It was a little bit dusty. I haven't fill it with the un-talkative pet-friend, fish, for a very long time since I thought I don't have time to take care of one. I usually just use it to put my paint brush and other art stationary.


So here's the thing. How many of you think, looking for ideas on Pinterest or any online sources still hasn't got you anywhere in making your writing route under control? I know I didn't.

Which is why I came up with a new plan!

Writing my ideas out on my bullet journal didn't go as I wish. I was still a little daze on what to write for my next blog post and I'm stuck. I hate it when that happen. It seems like you aren't going anywhere from there. I don't want another writer's block so please keep it away from me.

Now that I found my old fish bowl, I start to fill it with ideas. Here's how I did it:

1) Write down your ideas on paper. Colour papers is preferable. Cut the paper into little strips. If you like being creative, you could also do it on a colourful pattern paper strip, the one we used to make the star origami. The one they sell in the DIY store. Those are acceptable too. BE CREATIVE. I know you're good at that since you're a writer, right?

2) Write as many ideas as you want. For me, I wrote down exactly a hundred piece of idea because it has something to do with my next writing goal. I want my goal to be visible. I was planning to write a complete 100 blog post before the month of September. I know, pretty ambitious right? But I have a very good feeling that I can make it.

3) Next step, fill your fish bowl with ideas like, ''10 things I love about summer'', or ''My favourite movies of all times'' or ''How to write a good poem?''. Anything you could think of, write it down and fold it. In my case, I roll the paper.

4) Always keep in mind that you should not abandon your fish bowl. Place it at the edge of your writing desk where you can see it so that everytime you sit down to write, you can reach it.

5) Ready? Get set. Go! Pull out some random idea from your bowl and start writing. Make your draft, plan it, mind map it and write.


If you are planning to set a goal (like I mention above) by using this technique, make sure not to break the habit. Pick one or two random idea per day or week. Set your writing time and start writing. Make sure you put that idea you already pick somewhere else, like a box or something. Don't throw it away. You might want to refer to it again next time.

So now, here it is. My next writer's block solution. The Fish Bowl Challenge.

Best of Luck and Happy Writing.

Ps: I love to hear from you so leave a comment about your thoughts on this idea. Maybe share your own tips on how you defeat your writing blocks.

Until next time, catch you later!


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