Who says what now?

Have you been there?

Something about what people say to you actually leave some impression that you cannot stop thinking about. It was like something that remain in your head, those voices that bothers you when you suppose to be sleeping at night.

Even when you were in the midst of doing your daily task, it'll creeping in and distract you in your thoughts. Some are bad, good and in other cases, surprising.

This week's challenge is about '' Something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.''

When I found this writing prompt online, it makes me stop and think for a while. There are a lot of things which people said to me that I never stop thinking about. Most of them are from a friend, teachers, family and even strangers who never actually knew me personally.

You have potential

Have you watched the movie titled Me Before You. The part where Will said something to Lou when he asked her what he sees in her.

''Do you know what I see in you?'' Will asked.

''Don't say potential - '' Lou cuts in.

'' - Potential. You need to widening your eyes, Ms. Clark. And get more in life. It's actually your duty to live it as fullest as possible,'' he continues.

It was kind of Deja Vu for me when I heard that line once I watched the movie. Except for the part where it was my art teacher, this is not a romance story and he was not in a wheelchair. He wears spectacles and quite serious kind of man. He reminds me a lot of Professor Snape in Harry Potter. I know...scary.

My art teacher used to say this to me back in my high school days during my senior year. I was an art student and was place among the best. I didn't want to brag, I never thought of myself to be that good. There's nothing extraordinary about my art piece. Everytime he gave us an assignment or an art project, I'll be the first to finish; but it was mostly because I want to be done with it. I might be good at this but I love writing more. Art was just something I'll juggle in between.

It was the day of our art presentation day. Our final year project. We set up a gallery and present our art work in front of the entire school. I was standing there at my section of the gallery, where he came up to me and he started to asked me what I have created. When I was done presenting, he became quiet and staring at that art piece of mine. Then, he turned to me.

''You know, you have potential to succeed. Among all of your friends, I think you can go far. But you are not trying hard enough,'' he said.

There it was. Time stops and those words stuck in my mind. Wait. It actually echoed in my mind. Over and over again. From the morning to night before I go to sleep. I'm not sure if I even go to sleep that night. It's disturbing. I kept asking myself, ''What did I missed? What does he mean by not trying hard? I didn't failed any subject, did I?''

These questions keep haunting me and fill my head with a lot of insecurity. I won't ignore the fact that it get to me and maybe...maybe triggered my self-confidence back then but I'm okay now.

So here's my massage for you. If anybody ever said something to you which bothers you a lot. Know that they aren't always right. It's okay to listen to them and reflect on the things they say but don't ever let them bring you down. Okay?

You have a big forehead

Yup. You read that right. This stranger just said that to me out of nowhere. I was taken aback because I thought he was insulting me. You should see my face. I was speechless and I'm very sure I didn't blink because I was too shock.
Sure, I know I have a big forehead but I never heard it from a stranger to say it out loud to me.

It was in 2016 where I was working as a waitress in a small cafe in town, Pearl Cafe. It was run by a Chinese couple who owns it since 2009. I've begin working there for a few months after graduation, I was planning to save for college. I met a lot of people and like to observe their behaviour. Listen to their stories. And they get to know me too.

One day, this regular customer (an old Chinese man who maybe in his middle 50's), he ordered his regular and I wrote them as usual. Then, I can't help but being uncomfortable that he kept looking at me. I thought he was a pervert so I told my cousin (who was working there with me then) to serve him.

Later, he asked for his bill and I pick it up. Then, he said something that stop me on my track.

'' You have a big forehead.''

I froze in place. Not knowing what to respond ( It's not funny). But something that he said next was the one that kept playing in my mind since. The unexpected.

What would you do if a stranger who is old enough to be your grandfather actually said something which you are not sure whether you should believe it or not? And here he is saying something like philosophical ancient Buddhist who told you about your fortune (Like one of those movies you watch in television).

He said, '' Big forehead actually brings good fortune and wealth. You are going to be a very rich person in the future. Possibly bring fortune to someone closed to you too.''

I know, I know. I was trying so hard to hold my laughter too. Probably showed a little smirk on my face but he wasn't disturb by my expression. He had a smile on his face and say it confidently.

I remember telling him this, ''If I am going to be rich, I shouldn't be here waiting table.'' And he just shook his head and still had a smile on his face.

This phrase has been stuck in my mind and seems to be the one I cannot forget not because I believe it. It was because it was something no one ever said to me and it surprise me. Let's admit it, it's odd.

Althought in my opinion, we made our own fortune. We decide our own fate and what we choose to do with our life. Whether it is a bad thing or a good thing. Doesn't matter if it was about your wealth or relationship.

You don't need some fortune teller or a superstitious belief to prove to you how your life is going to be in the future. It is all up to you. Your choice. Choose wisely ;)

So folks. That was my story. I hope you like it and please leave a comment. Tell me your story. Has someone ever said something to you which you never forget?

Ps: How's your Fish Bowl Challenge going? Hope it went well fellow writers. Till next time...


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