The Glass Slipper: why it never fits?

We all know the tale of the glass slipper.

So, I'm not going to talk about the things which you already know. I am going to talk about the things you didn't know.

I always wonder why the glass slipper never fits someone other than Cinderella herself? I was curious and start to make my own conclusion. And I came up with 5.

1) It is made of glass (obviously)
Cinderella's fairy godmother made it specially for her. It was wrapped around her foot when she made the spell and it appeared out of thin air. Which came to a reason why, when something is made (moulded) as accurate as the shape of your feet it is reasonable why it didn't fit anybody else. Just like there is no antique piece ever been made alike. The design might be the same but there must be something about each piece which differs from the other. Unless, it is made by a machine but most of us knows an antique craft were mostly handmade.

2) It shrunken and grew bigger
Since the glass slipper was made by a fairy meaning that it is magical. When it didn't put on by it's real owner, it will either shrunken or grew bigger. The glass slipper will keep on doing that until it get back to it's owner, Cinderella. Silly, I know.

3) There were not a lot of fair maiden
If you are buying a pair of shoe with your best friend and both of you have the same size. Even if you mistaken your shoe with her one day, it'll still fits. The kingdom must have more than a thousand fair maiden who tried on the glass slipper. There must be at least 2 or 5 who fits it. So what happen? Something tells me maybe they didn't try it on a lot of other women before they get to Madame Tremaine's daughters.

4) The prince has an intelligent ''Spy''
I don't know what they call a ''spy'' back then but I believe the castle do have one. Remember the part when the prince was dancing with Cinderella. His father, the king, must be curious about who it was dancing with his son. He might have voice out his concern towards someone (the spy) and start to investigate her background.

Maybe this spy followed her when she ran away and reached home. Then the prince found out where she lives, he made an order to duplicate the slipper with a fake one which was design not to fit into anybody's foot (sounds like a lot of work but it's possible). The announcement about ''anyone who fits that glass slipper will be his future bride'' was actually a cover-up or an excuse.

Phew! That's quite a theory, don't you think. You're still with me? Let's move on but before that, which one of these conclusion makes sense to you? None?

Well, here's the ground breaking fact (well, sort of). What if I tell you that the glass slipper (based on the title above) was actually just a metaphor?

The reason why I wrote this post is because I want you to look at it from a different perspective. My intention was to not to look at the reason within the story but beyond it.

5) A metaphorical object
The glass slipper is a metaphorical object. It represent something else. I bet you've heard of the phrase ''to be in someone else's shoe.'' The similarity of the footware in this phrase and the glass slipper is they both re-present life.

There's a quote which says, ''You can't live someone else's life, thus make your own'', which in this case refers to the owner of the glass slipper. You can't be Cinderella nor you'll ever be her.

This is because we have a life of our own. Maybe not like a magical glass slipper but something else. Something worth telling. Something worth living in our own way.

Cinderella have gone through so much. She lost her mother at a very young age. Her father got married again to a woman who despised her. She had two stepsisters who would bullied her and made her days miserable. Then, she lost her father. The misery continues as her stepfamily made her do every chores in the house and treating her like a maid; or worst a garbage.

In shorts, she deserves the fairytale ending. Her fate was made by the glass slipper. It was her life, her hardship and struggle. The glass slipper is her reward for simply have courage and be kind. 

Therefore, it is hers. Not the other fair maiden's or yours or even me.

No one can claim it. This is why it never fits someone else.

There are no stories alike, no tales are similar. Not even a ''glass slipper'' and by that, I mean life itself. Don't wish for something that wasn't yours. You can hope for something good, better or great in living but you have to make it your own.

Make a life you want to live in and fight for it. 

Be passionate. Be inspired. And when you do, BELIEVE.

Believe in yourself and your dreams. The dream where you are who you always wanted to be and not what others expect of you. It might be hard, I know, but look at Cinderella. People might say she was naive, so what.

You were naive once too. Remember when you were just a little child and you believe in everything. You don't even have a worry in the world and can't stop being yourself. Remember the child that once was you.

There's no fairytale ending in this 21st century. You've got to work hard to make your own spectacular life. 

As someone who believes in this possibility, I wishes you the best of luck. 


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