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30 Days Writing Challenge

Question #2: Something That You Miss

I miss a lot of things lately. Including certain people who had always been there in my life. I miss my school (primary school and high school). The reason why I miss my school days is mostly because I miss my friends and teachers. I miss every corner of the building and classes. I miss those stairs where I always tripped upon.

Remember when I told you in my last post, that I am a clumsy girl? Yes. I always tripped on each and every staircase of my high school building. I guess those stairs just hate me so much. The worst memory which I had of those moments is I fell and land on my knees. Thankfully it wasn't that high but it was bad enough where it left huge bruises on my knees. My dad got mad because he was worried. Hermmph...another perks of being me. At least I've made memories with those stairs, I bet they have a new victim to torture now.

But, one THING I miss the most in the world right now is our old home. Earlier this year, my family have just moved from our old neighbourhood to a new one. It was the hardest thing to do for me. All of my childhood memories that I've spend in that tiny house meant a lot to me.

I miss my room, where I always spent my quality time (sort of), reading, writing and dancing alone where no one is watching. I used to turn the speaker's volume to the loudest level and sing my heart out till my lungs begs for air (okay, I was exaggerating with the lung part). And my neighbours didn't actually care anyway, it was always quiet around there so I think they don't mind hearing something entertaining for a change. Although, I am not that good at singing and if they laughed, I guess my entertainment worked.

Before I forget to mention, I lived in a small village in a small town of the land of Borneo. Yup! land of Borneo which they also call the Land of Hornbills. When we talk about village, I really mean the woods and mountains. Which came to another reason why I miss our old home. Every morning, I woke up early and I opened my window. I breathe in the fresh smell of the morning air and watch the sunrise at the mountain top. The sound of birds chirping every morning from the trees outside and the view of cloudy mist right above the mountain top.

There were also a bridge crossing the fish pond right outside our house. Every evening, me and my brother always sat at the edge of the bridge while our legs hanging at the tip of the wooden plank. We talk all evening; until evening turned to night and we watched stars appeared at the sky above. We point out which one is the big dipper, ursa major and others that we could recognised. Sometimes, our cousin joined us sitting there and chat.

That felt like ages ago and I miss it so much. Now, I lived in a longhouse not far from where I live before. But the thing is about longhouses is that there are no privacy. Your house is literally attached to other houses (You can search longhouse on google and you'll know). It's like you are in the train cabin except that it has bigger space. Don't get me wrong, I like living here in the longhouse but I am used to our life living in a single home where you'll never be worried whether you'll bothered the neighbour if you turned the speaker so loud.

Yet, I am greatful whatsoever. To have a roof above my head to shelter me everyday and to be accompanied by a bigger community of seadayak people. We lived in harmony and that's what matter the most.

So, did I answered the question? Do you like to share your story too? About something that you miss. Or you just happen to have questions for me to answer. Kindly leave your comment and I hope you enjoyed my post.

And have a great day.


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