The Perks Of Being Me

I hearby, declare that I ACCEPT the 30 Days Writing challenge starting today. Actually, I have made a promise to start last week but I keep slacking off. One of the bad habit which I need to get rid of, FAST.

Alright, lets start with question number one. Wait! before that...

Let me just say that I am a HORRIBLE WRITER and I am pretty much aware of that right now. But I do have a vision, in order to find my voice and to find my old self, I'll start all over again.

I used to love writing so much, my pen and I were inseparable. I carried a small notebook with me everywhere I go and that was back in high school, junior year. I could write anywhere I want, I don't actually have an issue with location. (Maybe not yet)

Once I started my senior year, there were so many things to do and in the end my piece of work got buried in the mountains of ASSIGNMENT. To be honest, I hate making excuses but that was the reality. I couldn't get my hands on my journal or even finish the novel I have been working on years before. It was terrible. I hate doing that to my precious manuscript. Recently, I tried to bring it back to life.

It was like one of those movies (Frankenstein, to be exact or the animated one called Frankenwinnie), you brought a dead speciment or a body and tried to give life to it. Althought, I'm not looking forward to see my book turning into a monster and it apparently have a phobia towards fire, but you get what I mean, right?

In case you are curious about this book that I'm talking about, you can check it on my Wattpad profile, but it's not completed yet. It's called Solitaire Prominence: Jack and the Fallen King. It's fiction, all of the characters are 100% created by me, and nothing to do with the dead and the living. Go and check it out. I usually post an update of my story on my twitter page @cloud7_McCamry so you could find the link there. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Alright! Let's get to the first challenge.

Question #1: Write Some Basic Things About Yourself

I have already describe a few about myself above, I used to love writing and try my best to get back at it once again.

This September 2017, I'll turn 22. I let you guess the date of birth, (for those who didn't know me personally) with a hint, my horoscope is Virgo. You can leave your guess in the comment section below, if you want to. *wink

I am the eldest of four siblings. There was me, my little brother (18), my little sister (13) and my baby brother (3). Yeah I know, the age range between the three of us and my baby brother is quite too far apart but well, there you have it. The last thing I know, the era of the toys sanctuary has emerge once again and WE are the ultimate victims of his battlefield empire. I can't leave my room without stepping on one of his toys first thing in the morning, everyday.

I love my baby brother even sometimes he annoys me, that is normal. My 18 years old brother is my best friend for life, the most important person to me. The sassy pants in the house, my little sister, she is the opposite of me. But like the Ying and Yang, both of us need each other.

Next, I love cats. I have this huge facination towards Cheshire Cat in the book Alice in Wonderland. He could either help you or betray you, whichever he chooses to do. Which is kind of interesting to me. And of course, I also love a real life cat. Here's the funny thing about this. When I was 8 years old, this one cat of mine, we have an actuall CAT FIGHT; and I mean literally.

I was home from school and I saw my cat. I was happy to see him and start to hug him tight. I think he was taken by surprise and hate it, it start to attacked my face. Imagine it's claw rises and his nails dug onto the thin skin of my face (the left side of my cheek). Well, you can imagine the rest. There were bloods and guts and torn eyeball.

Nahh... I'm just kidding, but I am serious about the blood part though. My face was bleeding terribly and I was taken to the hospital to get 4 stiches done. Pretty classy huh? I seem like this tough girl with a serious scar on her face ( yeah right, I cried the whole time when the doctor dug the needle into my face).

 Of course they gave an injection first but I wasn't crying because of the pain. I was crying because of that FREAKING NEEDLE IS IN MY FACE. But that didn't stop my eternal love towards those fluff cuties. *Chuckles

My favourite colour is turquoise, it reminds me of the calming view of the blue-greenish sea and white sand; but most of the time I pick red and purple.

I hate peanut butter. I seriously HATE it. If you prepared me a sandwich, it better not be peanut butter or I'll curse you. That is how much I hate it. I'm not allergic to it, I just don't like the stickyness and the taste. Real peanuts is fine but not butter, please.

I have a driver's licence but haven't actually driven a car for the last two years. I renewed it every year, of course, but I haven't drive for the past couple of years. My mom won't let me drive her car. Not after I hit the garage and almost break one of the headlight. She said she wouldn't mind if it was my own car. (Of course, because I will be paying for the damage myself).

For future note, if you get to know me in person, I am a clumsy girl. Clutz. This always get me into a lot of trouble. Yet, I'll just let it slide and enjoy the day. *cue music: The show by Lenka

I love art. I even draw or sketch sometimes, when I feel like it. Mostly, I just like to collect pictures of art masterpiece by many talented artist online. Like on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Alright! So, that is all for now. I'll write more on my next post. Before that, tell me, did I answered the question? You can leave the comment below.

Until next time. Thank you for reading and this is... THE WALK PAPER.


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