My Fair Valentine

Hey peeps!

So here's my funny story about valentine's day. I know everyone is so thrill and excited about this day, aspecially girls ; )

I bet everyone is busy trying to figure out what present they should come up with. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bear (maybe), going out on a fancy dinner or a picnic, going to the nearby beaches and having a great time of your life with your love ones.

 Hey! I heard today is also the day of THAT movie going to release. You know, the ones where the title end with the word "darker", which is a sequal to the ones ended with the word "grey". If you have no idea what I'm talking about (which I doubt that you are), you can check it out in the cinema.

Maybe this could be one of your way to spend time on this lovey dovey day. And there's also tons of other movie to watch, all equally good, just pick one.

Okay, where was I. Right, the funny story. I just wanted to share this story with you and hope you like it. It's a true story.

Back in my high school days, I was fifteen. So, our school had this special occasion where the Student Council Society prepared a booth for valentine's day. Students and teachers could buy presents for each other. Whether it was a present for the teacher they like, idolize and look up to, or among friends and "admirers".

And there was this senior of mine, he was that seventeen years old intelligent and a little bit social-awkward kind of guy. But he was a nice person when you get to know him personally. He was in charged of giving out the flyers to each class and he get to stop by my class that one morning.

As usual, he just smiled at me and stick the flyer to the board in front of the class. I walked towards him and start teasing.

"I didn't know you're into this stuff" I said.

He rolled his eyes and answered me. "I don't. They dragged me into it. Don't really have much choice."

"I see. So that means you don't planned to give anyone a present? Maybe a teacher?" I asked.

"'s a waste of money," he said.

I just chuckled and he turned towards me. He gave me this grin as if he was up to something.

"I could give you one, if you want."

I laughed because I thought he was joking. He glared at me but I ignored him. I really thought he was kidding. You see, I am quite closed to him ever since we joined the school's "self-build" camp. I still remember that we used to cheat in one of the games they prepared and as a punishment, both of us got tied by our wrist and our mouth was taped. By the way, we were not the only one. *laughing

For what I know, he was one of the penny-pinching friend I have ever had. He don't spend money on anything that doesn't benefit him. And I mean ANYTHING. Even his closest friend said so. So...that was a funny thing to hear from him.

Until the next day, 14 February 2010. Valentine's day. Everyone received their present. I bought a present for my best friend Sylvia and she bought one for me too. We planned it because mostly we just want the chocolates and instead buying it ourselves, we buy it for each other.

I thought I was going to have one present when suddenly, I received another. Sylvia was surprised as much as I do. I asked if she bought extra but she said she didn't. I also thought it was a mistake. So, I read the card attached to it.


With no name of the sender and a drawing of an emoji sticking it's tongue out. But I instantly know who this person is and I laughed. At the same time I couldn't believe it either. It was a fruit juice drink, by the way, the cheapest one among other presents. (Of course, but I'm not complaining)

"The stingiest person I knew is giving a present to someone. That's a first " I thought.

During recess, I saw him when he was on duty. I didn't get to talk to him that day though but I waved the present at him and he just nod. (Prff...playing it cool)

That was the only reaction I get until he spell out from afar saying "Happy Valentine's day" and smiled. And I did the same too.

I guess he is not that much of a cheapskate afterall. Apparently, I was the lucky one to received a present from him. That made my day. There was nothing going on between us, anyway. We were just friends and it was mutual. I haven't seen him since his graduation day and that was seven years ago. I don't know what he looked like today either but I am happy for having the chance to know him then.

You never knew what is going to happen today. Whether, you are the one who is going to surprise someone or you are the one who is going to be surprised.

The thing is, it doesn't matter. Celebrate anyway. You thought you are single and today is going to be just as typical as yesterday. But! You can make it special too.

I tell you what...why don't you go and buy a rose, just one, if you can't afford a bouquet or maybe a chocolate. Give it to someone random, an old friend or your neigbour, or that lady you sit next to on a train, or that old man whose reading the newspaper at the park

(althought he might gave you that weird stare as if you are a lunatic but come on, a little bit of crazy won't harm a thing, right)

Or your co-worker, or anybody you think suitable. You might as well made their day a little bit special, just another pleasant memory to remember. And believe will be glad you did it too! You've just made someone SMILE

It's Valentine's day everyone! It's not just for lovers. I think, the idea of "valentine's day is just for lovers", is kind of unfair and overrated.

You don't need a partner to do just one simple random reminiscent thing. Just do it out of sincerity and in a celebratory mood on this another wonderful day.

Celebrate today! Celebrate tomorrow and days after! Celebrate life!



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